Agree to Disagree

When a relationship comes to an end, it does not always end amicably. I have seen couples come to agreements quickly, but I have also seen people dwell in the past and take their emotions out on each other. Often, it is better to take the high road and agree to disagree so you can move on. Unfortunately, this tends to be easier said than done. Continue reading to learn how you can agree to disagree to have a better resolution in the long run.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Agreeing to disagree does not come easily. It requires determination and a positive outlook. One way you can set yourself up for a peaceful mediation is to be proactive, not reactive. Being proactive means you have decided to take control of your situation instead of allowing it to control you. In divorce, it is common to allow the negativity to completely take over. That is called being reactive. If your goal is to get through your divorce as quickly and smoothly as possible, agreeing to disagree is a great course. Being proactive instills in you the mindset that compromising is good and can lead to better outcomes moving forward. If you instead choose the reactive path, you are going to be so consumed with only getting retaliation or retribution it will hinder your ability to move forward.

A Positive Mindset = Power

Taking the high road takes away the power others have over you. With a positive mindset, you give yourself the power to make your own decisions and pave your own path forward. During divorce and mediation, having a positive mindset goes a long way. Negative people tend to focus on things that do not really matter and try to bring others down. By taking the high road, you can put things behind you and do what is best for your future. Both parties in a divorce will not always get everything they want. Having a positive outlook will allow you to set goals and expectations without arguing over little things that distract from the bigger picture and your ultimate goals. The one thing you can be in complete control of during a divorce is your own mindset.

Be Accountable for your Actions

One thing more people need to do is hold themselves accountable for their actions, especially during a divorce. What you do affects not only you, but everyone around you. Unfortunately, children tend to be the ones who feel the repercussions of divorce. Divorce is already hard for children, so agreeing to disagree with your spouse is a great option to avoid adding additional stress. Preventing your children from being exposed to repeated arguments and a lengthy divorce process is beneficial. Seeking out mediation to help talk through your divorce is a way to hold both you and the other party accountable. It also puts power back in your hands, which is necessary to be able to quickly resolve issues and move on.

Taking the high road is never a bad option. If you can understand that it is not just about you and have a positive mindset, hold yourself accountable for your actions, and be proactive, you may get through this tough time better than you ever could have imagined.

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