Areas of Practice

At Jacksonville Family Mediation, we are committed to helping our clients reach a civil, peaceful resolution through mediation. We understand that the process may be intimidating and stressful, so we work with all parties prior to our first session to ensure things move along smoothly and everyone’s needs are met. Throughout the mediation process, we will remain neutral and help facilitate negotiations in order to reach an agreement that is equitable to all parties involved.

Jacksonville Family Mediation can help resolve many types of conflicts, but our main areas of practice include:

  • Social Investigations 

    In matters pertaining to the health and well-being of minor children, we can assist with providing information and recommendations to the court, attorneys and parties involved with the case.

  • Elder Mediation

    Disputes can often arise  when  families are faced with the care of an incapacitated or elderly family member. We can assist with finding resolutions to many issues, such as living arrangements, healthcare, and financial considerations.

  • Family Mediation

    We can help keep the peace and find resolutions to many family matters, including: divorce, child custody and child support, paternity, and visitation.

If you live in Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau or St. Johns Counties, and need help dealing with any of these issues, please Request an Appointment and let us help you find a peaceful resolution.

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