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Mediation Offers More Privacy, Lower Costs As Attorney Fees in Florida Continue to Increase

Mediation continues to be an attractive alternative to litigation for divorce, custody, elder issues, and more. Frequently, mediation is less costly, more private and quicker than the typical court cases, says Lisa Dasher, Esquire, a family mediator in Northeast Florida

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Estate Planning After Divorce

Review & Update Important Documents After Divorce   Today’s article is a Guest Post from Burns & Levinson LLP.   Divorce attorneys saw a wave of divorces last year due to the changes in the tax laws that took effect

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Now is the Time to Decide on Summer Activities for Children of Divorced Parents

Divorced Parents Should Make Summer Camp Decisions Now As summer approaches, parents begin the arduous task of planning for childcare. The options are limitless: YMCA, daycare, sports camp, robot camp, etc. This task is made more challenging when we must

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