Avoid Litigation

How to Proceed Without an Attorney


Contact a Mediator
Whether you are dealing with divorce, paternity issues, visitation rights, or other family issues, please contact us at 904-866-0268 to discuss the next steps you need to take to resolve your situation.
Option #1
Complete the Paperwork on Your Own
After contacting our office, you will receive the Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms that you will need to complete prior to your first mediation appointment. The mediator cannot give you legal advice, but may be able to answer questions about the paperwork.
Option #2
Have the Mediator Complete the Documents
Our office will gladly complete the required Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms for you prior to your first scheduled mediation appointment. During your appointment, we will go over the forms to ensure all provided information is correct and ready for processing.


Schedule the mediation.
Call or email our office to schedule your mediation. Or book an appointment online now.


Gather the documents you will need for your mediation:

  • Three (3) months of pay stubs or pay records
  • Three (3) years of tax returns
  • Florida family law rules of procedure 1.285(d)(3) and (4).
  • A breakdown of the cost of health insurance
    (This information may be obtained through your human resources, payroll or personnel department)
  • Invoices or statements from your daycare or before/after school care provider; or, cancelled checks showing payment to the child care provider
  • Value of real and personal property
  • Titles, mortgages, deeds and notes
  • Statements or bills from creditors, banks and/or other financial institutions that are in dispute
  • Any specific language you prefer in the mediation agreement


The mediator will conduct the mediation and draft the necessary legal documents:
(1) Mediation Agreement;
(2) Parenting Plan; and
(3) Child Support Guideline Worksheet.


If you have additional questions concerning your situation, please visit the following websites for more help.

Florida Courts – Family Law Forms

Florida Rules of Procedure

Florida Statutes


File the Mediation Agreement, Parenting Plan, and Child Support Guideline Worksheet with the Clerk of Courts.

The Fine Print: In the absence of an agreement between the parties regarding a non-party’s participation in the mediation, the non-party is not allowed to participate or attend the mediation. This prohibition includes a non-party who might be present in person, by telephone, video conference or other electronic means. As such, an agreement between the parties regarding a non-party’s participation in the mediation should be reached prior to the scheduled date of the mediation conference so as to not inconvenience anyone. Rules 10.310(a) and 10.420, Florida rules for certified and court-appointed mediators; sections 44.403(2) and 44.405(1), Florida statutes; MEAC opinion 2006-007. Please do not bring minor children to the mediation. If the mediation is cancelled less than five (5) business days prior to the scheduled mediation, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to two hours of mediation.

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