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No Attorney? No Problem!

Divorce can be full of ups and downs. It is likely one of the toughest, if not the toughest, time in a person’s life. It is no wonder that most people do not even know where to begin. Something that

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Agree to Disagree

When a relationship comes to an end, it does not always end amicably. I have seen couples come to agreements quickly, but I have also seen people dwell in the past and take their emotions out on each other. Often,

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Custody Craze

Child custody is a difficult subject for many parents. Florida no longer uses the term “custody,” which has a negative connotation. Florida takes a two-prong approach to parenting. First is parental responsibility, which consist of decision making and sharing information.

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Why Mediation is Important

Arguing is not healthy for any kind of relationship, regardless of its dynamic. When complicated situations arise in your relationships, mediation can be a great opportunity for all involved instead of going to court. There are distinct benefits of choosing

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Love Lost

Falling out of love with someone is a tough thing to deal with. It can create problems you never imagined you would have with your partner. Regardless of why the connection you and your spouse had has diminished, there is

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