Mediation Offers More Privacy, Lower Costs As Attorney Fees in Florida Continue to Increase

Hand writing Mediation concept with marker on transparent wipe board. Mediation - to resolve or settle differences by working with all the conflicting parties.Mediation continues to be an attractive alternative to litigation for divorce, custody, elder issues, and more. Frequently, mediation is less costly, more private and quicker than the typical court cases, says Lisa Dasher, Esquire, a family mediator in Northeast Florida and founder of Jacksonville Family Mediation. 

Dasher cites a recent survey by The Florida Bar that shows the median hourly rate for Florida attorneys at over $300 per hour, while mediators typically charge $100 to $350 per hour, according to She said the typical mediation can take as little as a few hours to a few days, depending upon the complexity of the issues.

“Many people going through a divorce or custody cases would prefer to avoid litigation,” Dasher said. “Mediation provides the opportunity to work out issues jointly, in private, with the help of a professional trained is conflict resolution. It is typically less expensive, less stressful, and requires less time overall.”

Once the mediation agreement is executed, Dasher says it is legally binding, pending approval by the Court. She said mediation works well for divorce, child custody cases, and issues related to older family members such as living arrangements and healthcare decisions.

“Most mediation clients appreciate having input in resolving the issues involved, rather than having a judge make the decision for them. Having a say in the outcome gives each party a stake in successfully carrying out the agreement.”

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Dasher as a mediator on several family law matters. Mrs. Dasher brings a wealth of experience from her prior career as a family law mediator for Clay County, Florida, which is one reason I choose to work with her. Family law is extremely high conflict, and Mrs. Dasher’s mediation skills help broken families resolve their issues so that they may move forward with their lives. I will gladly continue to use Mrs. Dasher in many of my family law cases.”

– Aaron Irving, Attorney at Law

“Lisa has successfully mediated several of my cases. She is a pleasure to work with and is a talented mediator. ”

– Julie Ann Rountree, Attorney

“Hi I want to thank you for everything you did on Friday. I was worried going in to mediation and didn’t know what to expect and just want you to know I feel like you do a noble job and, it takes a very special and wise person to help people and that’s what you did. You helped me and my son Isaac. Thank you I am forever grateful.”

– J.B.

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