Why Mediation is Important

Arguing is not healthy for any kind of relationship, regardless of its dynamic. When complicated situations arise in your relationships, mediation can be a great opportunity for all involved instead of going to court. There are distinct benefits of choosing mediation to reach agreements, no matter what is in discussion.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is either a voluntary or court-ordered process that occurs when a mediator helps all parties come to an agreement. The mediator acts as a neutral third-party in every case and is there solely for the purpose of overseeing the discussion and to foster cooperative decision making. There are many situations where the help of a mediator may be used, including divorce, paternity agreements or modifications, elder healthcare or living arrangements, and more.

What’s Required of Me?

The most crucial requirement of mediation is to come with an open mind. The entire premise of mediation is to talk through issues and agree on terms both parties can live with. Other items often required for mediation are updated financial affidavits, pay stubs and tax returns. These items help move the process along by allowing every party to understand the financial capabilities of all involved, if necessary. Depending on what type of mediation is taking place, other items like titles, deeds, mortgages, lists of assets, and payments made to daycare or school tuition may be requested. Mediators make it their mission to protect the privacy of their clients, so there should be little worry about disclosing all required documents.

Why Exactly is it Important?

Mediation is important because it offers an alternative to court. Court can be costly, especially if two or more parties cannot come to a decision. Rather than dragging out court proceedings and racking up large lawyer fees and court costs, mediation provides an opportunity for resolution. If children are involved, going to court can be an emotionally draining experience for them. This is one of the many scenarios where mediation can be beneficial. Even if no agreement is made in mediation, the progress made during the process can be extremely beneficial in the long run. The relationship between divorcing couples, with or without children, can be better off after divorce when given the chance to talk through their issues. Most people are also grateful to have an opportunity to work out their own agreement outside of the court room.

Mediation is a valuable tool to have for many reasons. It’s almost always cheaper than going to court, the process is simple to navigate, it allows you to decide what’s best for your own life and it helps foster the relationships of all involved going forward.

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Dasher as a mediator on several family law matters. Mrs. Dasher brings a wealth of experience from her prior career as a family law mediator for Clay County, Florida, which is one reason I choose to work with her. Family law is extremely high conflict, and Mrs. Dasher’s mediation skills help broken families resolve their issues so that they may move forward with their lives. I will gladly continue to use Mrs. Dasher in many of my family law cases.”

– Aaron Irving, Attorney at Law

“Lisa has successfully mediated several of my cases. She is a pleasure to work with and is a talented mediator. ”

– Julie Ann Rountree, Attorney

“Hi I want to thank you for everything you did on Friday. I was worried going in to mediation and didn’t know what to expect and just want you to know I feel like you do a noble job and, it takes a very special and wise person to help people and that’s what you did. You helped me and my son Isaac. Thank you I am forever grateful.”

– J.B.

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